Bangladeshi Farmer

Agricultural Extension App

In collaboration with ACI Limited and SNV Bangladesh we have developed a Smartphone application that addresses the information gap of everyday agricultural information for small-holder farmers in Bangladesh.  It is a country with 3G internet, many financial solutions (like micro-credit), however it still accommodates 6% of the World’s Poor. Despite significant development efforts, it is still a very poor country. A big problem of the country is that -due to its dense population that is still increasing- the available farming field for farmers is very limited and declining. More than 50% of farmers have 0.6 acre of land, which is about a tennis court. In such an environment optimal use has to be made of the available land and resources to improve productivity and food security. We developed an Application for Farmers that advises on the use of seeds, fertilisers and other agri-inputs, but also provides information about the weather, farming techniques and market prices.